Workshop testimonials

You’re a remarkable woman Chris!  I am totally inspired from being at the workshop and it has given me direction which I am now creating.  Just being around you made me smile because I could feel your whole body smiling from within. It was lovely meeting everyone on Sunday and I hope to meet up with you again.  Wow, what an enlightening and powerful group.  Not only did we do healing on ourselves but also for the wonderful grounds that nurtured us over the weekend. Arohanui kia koutou katoa – Joanne

Words cannot express how much your weekend teachings have enriched my life! Something massive has shifted and you have provided the golden key for the next stage…. this will be awesome I am SO excited about what lies ahead! The tools I have learnt – how to open the Akashic records – will grow and grow.. I ‘see’ so much more and feel moving forwards I could help others through readings as another possibility to complement what I do… I have read over and over the notes and this totally resonates with me on such a deep level. I can honestly say that for me this is life changing – Heather

I have been holding off, but I want to say that my work in the Akashic record has been quite astounding. I feel quite different when I am in that vibration and it has lifted my mood, given me inspiration and my intuition is increasing in quality. The Akashic record may just be one of the most significant steps in my spiritual journey so far…….. I will keep you posted, but I think you have revealed something very special in my life. Sending my love and gratitude – Jennifer

Thank you very much for your teachings, clear and down to earth explanations,  the energy you brought to it and also facilitating the hugs we all felt we could give each other. It was a warm and safe atmosphere. I learnt a lot and can’t stop smiling! – Ingrid 

Wonderful to be part of that awesome, high resolution group today. Loved your style, your passion and all that you gave. I learned a lot. A huge thank you. – Wendy 

Thank you for a great workshop. I really enjoyed it even though I freaked out with having to do readings. It was very obvious to me your passion for the Akashic records and this was mirrored by the beautiful Akashic energy you channelled to hold the space for us. Thank you so much, feel excited. – Jenny

Deepest Gratitude Chris for an extra-ordinary weekend. I loved every moment of the workshop and am excited about the possibilities and miracles. Thank you for being the beautiful person that you are. Love and Light – Nathalie 

I had heard a little about the Akashic Records before meeting Chris but really wanted to find out more, especially after receiving such an interesting reading from Chris.  My curiosity was piqued! The day was a mix of hearing from Chris about her experience with the Akashic Records and sharing her learning, guiding us through exercises and meditation, and hearing the stories and experiences of others in the group. Chris is a beautiful person who continues to offer her support in helping me to access my akashic records. – Heidi 

I attended the Soul History Workshop run by Chris. I had an akashic reading a couple of years ago which was an amazing experience and have been interested in learning how to tune into them to read them for myself ever since. I am so pleased Chris has decided to offer this workshop as the process that she takes you through is easy to understand and now I can access my records whenever I want to. The small numbers in the group ensured that Chris had time to give us all a mini reading and our questions were well answered. Chris provided a friendly, relaxed and safe environment for us to share our experiences. Consequently I left feeling totally relaxed, positive and well connected with everyone within the group. The Soul Journey Workshop is one that I will recommend. Liz 

I recently had the pleasure of attending one of Chris’ ‘Akashic Record’ Workshops in Palmerston North.  It was a lovely small group of 10 people, making it more personal and cosy and a one on one setting when we needed it. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and grew as a person through the new tools and skills Chris taught us. It is absolutely amazing what we can heal within ourselves and our past lives by being taught this valuable knowledge, to tap into our own records. Anything that is troubling me or needs to be addressed, such as a habit, a mindset or a condition, I can now access through the Akashic Records. This helps me understand why I am a certain way or why I attract a certain situation. Or why I need to forgive (usually myself) to set myself free and move forward in my life. It is a fantastic way to get clear and precise answers of what we need to let go in order to grow and create a different way. I recommend Chris’ course, it truly worked for me. – Jackie 

I first met Chris Wilson at a Spiritual weekend in Palmerston North. The information she told me about myself that day was amazing, I came away on cloud nine, finding it hard to take in, as I have always been told I am no good, and at a low level on the Spiritual level.  I enrolled for her course ” How to read your Akashic Records. What a fantastic day!   It was very enjoyable and relaxing, given that there was heaps of information. Once again I left gobsmacked. To be told where I came from, why I came back, what special things I can achieve and do took some thinking about. I also left the course with a job to do to heal a faulty DNA in my family which with some research on correct full names etc, I have had the pleasure of doing. About half way through the 7 day healing a young niece was really improving, I hope the rest of the family will follow suit. I fully recommend anyone who wants to find out what their soul journey is to have a reading. It really helps your understanding of self, as well as relationships with family and friends. – Christine

Have been meaning to send you a quick message since the workshop just to say thanks again and tell you how much I enjoyed it. I have been going into the Akashic Records almost every day since then and I am loving the whole experience and what I’m getting from it  I have my wee business making Aromatherapy products and Crystal Essences and I’ve now found that I’m using the Akashic Records to be able to programme the crystals in the Essences for specific people so it has taken on a whole new direction since the workshop! I’m hoping to have my website up and running soon and I would love to share it with you when I finally get organised. Susan

Yes I am very keen to pursue and use the tools that you have taught me and work with them myself and practice with others.  It feels like where I go when I am making space to sit quietly and listen to my soul self but gives a more structured intentional approach to it which I like. I made myself a task list on Sunday morning of how I can proceed with developing myself and my abilities further. I feel really comfortable and excited by what was revealed and lifted by the workshop experience overall.  I’ve been on such a high since! Most of all I really got a sense that maybe I do have the abilities that I can develop and shape into a future vocation for me. It’s been a feeling in me developing over the past few years and a sense of excitement and anticipation but at your workshop it seemed to take on a new level of taking shape and becoming a reality.-  Sarah


What a great Workshop you take! I love the way you ran it, I felt relaxed and enjoyed your whole approach and presentation to our class. You attracted a wonderful divine group, every single one! – Rob


Thank you Chris ! It was such an awesome day.- Jess


Thank you so much, Chris, so appreciate your rich sharing of the work you’ve developed!! – Gabriel


Much Love. Thank you Chris, for everything, and sharing your personal story with your family also. I really enjoyed it, felt fantastic when I woke up this morning! I learned a lot and felt privileged to be around some wonderful ladies! – Lisa 


The course was great, it made it all simple. As you suggested I went into the records last night but ended up being in them for an hour as I was painting and lost track of time. I felt very at one with what I was doing, lots of ‘flow’, just got on and did it. So it felt really good and I’ll do it again today and build up the time. Thank you for all you wisdom and sense of humour.  I now spend all day every day in the Akashic Records, I feel it helps me have greater self awareness – Lorrie

Thanks so much for a wonderful day!! I took my book to work and went into the records for half an hour. I will do the same tomorrow. I read the notes last night and was quite amazed by what i had written. I am keen to work with the Akashic records and learn from them with respect, love and caring. Thanks again! – Heather


Book Testimonials

Having read my share of ‘spiritual books’, I found Chris’s book to be refreshingly unique and authentic. Chris’s book reflects her absolute humanness and her case studies allow those to realise they are not alone. In sharing her own story, she enables those that make that precious journey inwards to see even a minute part of their own journey of many lifetimes and relationships. Through her gifts, skills and abilities, she shows the reader a part of the ‘bigger picture’ that enables us to embrace our Lives fully, giving those who journey with her, that deeper understanding of the reasons we both endure and enjoy certain experiences of this present lifetime, enabling us to move forward with expanded hearts, deeper Love and compassion, free of past judgements. A ‘must read’ for those who choose to gain a deeper insight into their own lives. Gail 

I found the book very informative, easy to read and gave me a huge understanding how using our own Akashic records by opening them, can improve our lives by clearing any blocks that are stopping us continuing smoothly on our life path. It gave me a new found awakened confidence after I had a session with Chris in what I needed to do, which made other things in life flow. The book explains how opening your own records can help, and has interesting case studies about others being awakened to their blocks that were shifted to improve their lives. A very interesting read, and great it is making more people aware to new possibilities once these old blocks were cleared, and life purpose was revealed. Tracey 

I was very touched by the authenticity and the humility of this book. Chris has accessed her great gift and her profound piece of the puzzle and she is very generous in sharing so much with us. It is deeply personal and very moving in a way these books are often not, chronicling a very human experience alongside a divine unfolding. Chris is also happy to teach her gift, inspiring us with her belief in our own majesty. Having had a personal reading with her, I was very touched by her desire and ability to see others in their very highest Light while also helping to see the patterns and over view.
Highly recommended. Stephanie 

Just a quick note to let you know that I received your book in the mail. Congratulations on a job well done! It is very easy to read and my goodness, what an inspiration you are with all the challenges you have faced. I truly believe that many who will read this book will receive a healing just from your experience. Keep up the fantastic work that you are doing bringing light and love to our family of humanity. Thank you for this truly wonderful book. I almost read the whole thing in one sitting and I didn’t realise I had nearly finished. It was compelling and so well written and such a joy and so essential to spend time in these vibrations. It has really lifted my spirit. Today I read the final pages and I felt such gratitude that you had written this book about our magnificence. Thank you for your honesty and your ability to live with courage, honesty and resilience and perseverance so that you could bring through this stunning message. It is so needed. You have been so brave and dedicated and you live your message. Great love and thanks and awe and admiration. You have such a generous and great soul and the voice in the book is genuine, authentic and truly you. Pauline: Healer, Teacher Trainer and Author.

I finished reading your book over the weekend and wanted to let you know not only how much I enjoyed it but how impressed I was (it’s as good as anything I’ve read by Eckhart Tolle or Brian Weiss).  Probably better, because of your courageousness in sharing Alice’s story. Over the years, I’ve been drawn to many of the topics discussed in your book – but I don’t think I’ve seen them all linked together in one place. Now I understand why I’m interested in reincarnation and quantum physics and, just lately, for some reason have been thinking about cellular memory! Christina

I loved reading your book. It was very inspiring reading about how the records have been such a support and transformation for you on your journey, and through all the challenges. I have such love and respect for you and your energy, just in knowing who you are and what you do anyway (before reading the book), but even more so now after you openly shared the trials you have experienced as each of your family have faced their own soul challenges and healing. What a rollercoaster life is. I can hear in your writing that everything you went through, and your work in the Records, has created such a deep faith and strength in you. I have no doubt that MANY people will benefit from that energy that has emerged through you and what you have to offer. Thank you for this book. It has ignited my desire to a new level to play in the records. Since you taught me to access them, I have opened them literally every single day since then, when I wake in the morning, I do some housekeeping clearing and healing within them, and I close them again at night. I did a lot of healing work in them for myself when I first learnt, and have used them for doing client energy clearings, (opening their records), but haven’t done much experimentation and asking for help within them for myself since. This morning when I woke, I opened them and sat in them for about 30 minutes with my eyes closed still very restful upon first waking from sleep and I had several visions and answers to questions that were lingering for me. I am off to spend more time in a quiet meditative state within the records now as I have a few more questions and can’t wait to receive the energy. Sending you much love and gratitude for the book. It’s a gem!!! Bernadette

Hi Chris, the wait for your book was well worth it. An absolute privilege to read. I loved it. Being so open and sharing so many personal things about your life and family made the experience very real and touching, and as well you provided so many insightful pearls of wisdom about healing. You joined a lot of dots, and clarified a lot things for me. I was also able to relate to many of your client’s accounts of life, a relief to know that I’m not so alone and many others have felt a profound sense of not belonging or fitting into the world. It allowed me to feel less critical of myself for having those sorts of insecurities and thoughts. Your book arrived on Friday night and I finished it on Saturday afternoon. I can’t wait to see what others say about their experience of it as well. Looking forward to more of your writing in the future. Dylan

What a truly magical, inspiring and uplifting read, I finished your book last night. What a story………… I feel that this will touch so many people and help them to understand the journey of the soul and inspire them to reach into their own Magic and Limitlessness. I would like you to pass on my love and admiration to your daughter Alice, she is an incredible soul and her journey here will touch and release so many people. What a gift to us all. Tori

I just want to say how absorbing and enjoyable your book is. I feel it is a very layered experience as I read it. As the Records were open as you wrote, it feels they were open as I read somehow. It’s like a window into my own lifetimes is allowing me to peek through, and I am experiencing guidance and insights as you speak… Yes, it does feel like you are speaking the written words to me. It is a kind of multidimensional and mystical journey into myself as I read about everyone else! I think it is a very potent work with power to create change in the lives of those that read it. I have been asking for guidance and your book has provided it, how great is the Universe! Thank you for the key to this magical doorway, and thank you for being brave enough to share your story. Robin

Having been on a spiritual journey for some time now, I’ve read quite a number of books over the years. Two of them stand out for me as ones that provided useful learning and helped me gain greater understanding. The first was Many Lives Many Masters which I read several years ago, and the second was Chris’s book. Although I’ve been trained by Chris in the Akashic Records and have been using them for over a year, by the end of chapter 5 I contacted Chris to tell her that what I had read already had increased my level of understanding considerably. I was truly amazed by the information she shares. I believe that a common need for people is to gain insight into life and its many mysteries, which is one of the reasons why the book Man’s Search for Meaning, written 70 years ago, is still deemed to be one of the most influential books. What Chris shares in The Magic of the Akashic Records provides in-depth answers to people seeking the meaning of their life. Even if people are unfamiliar with the spiritual realm, I think they would benefit from the knowledge shared within the book, as quite simply, everything Chris says makes sense. Kim 

Have just been reading your book and hearing your voice through the words. I can’t really put into words how I am feeling at this point. My sceptic side is saying, ‘Yeah but’ and there is the other presumably more spiritual side saying ‘Amazing!’ I am about half way through and still want to keep reading. Unheard of for me with this kind of book and topic. Thank you. Old school friend